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    Extensive research goes into our hijab fabrics & designs. Our workmanship and styles are unsurpassed.


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At Modestia Collection, our hijabs are unqiuely made with YOU in mind. Our fabrics and styles a heavily researched to exceed your expectations.

We love research and it shows. Our hijabs solve many of your challenges. We are continoulsy looking for ways to make your hijab journey/experience effortless, fun, exciting, and empowering.

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No Snag Hijab Pins-Ditch The Magnets!

It sounds like you are looking for a comfortable and secure way to wear your hijab that is also not a major choking hazard! Our slip-on hijab pins can be used to secure the hijab in place without the need for traditional pins or magnets that can be uncomfortable and even hazardous. The pin works by easily sliding it between the hijab to hold it in place, rather than poking or clasping through /on the fabric. This can make them more comfortable to wear and reduce the risk of choking or injury caused by traditional pins or magnets. It also eliminates the neck marks and friction caused by traditional pins. The perfect gift for your friends or yourself.


Undercap Comfort that's not cap!

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to confidence with our hijab undercap! These hijab caps offer full coverage and a comfortable fit that you'll love wearing all day. Plus, the tieback design ensures that your hijab stays in place no matter what you're doing. Wear them as is or under a hijab. Give them a try and experience the comfort for yourself!


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Not only will you have the opportunity to showcase your personal style, but you'll also be inspiring others to try new looks and feel confident in their headwear. From classic turbans to bold and colorful hijabs, we want to see all the unique ways you style your headwear.

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