My Roots, Our Future.

Peace & blessings!  I’m Jeehan! I grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Southwest Detroit. From an early age I witnessed community, cultural, and religious pride from the people in the streets that surrounded me.  It filled me with love and gave me confidence to accept myself, unconditionally. In large part, that pride and self-love guided me to put on the hijab, when I was 15. I want every woman to feel comfort in her OWN style. In 2006 I traveled and immersed myself in the world of textiles. I started working with a plethora of fabrics and different looks. In 2018, I officially created Modestia Collection to be an extension of the diversity, community, and creative minds that I had in my life growing up. We are still a community that promotes and lives on empowerment, empathy, inclusion style, and diversity. You have a place in our community!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I live life boldly with full transparency, and a handful of jokes!  I am not afraid to talk about tough topics that people of color face each day. So here are the facts: 

  • Putting on the hijab was about empowerment, not oppression. It allowed me to take control of my life, as it had been my decision to put it on—no one else’s. 
  • This realization inspired me to search for hijabs that entailed exquisite workmanship, and were versatile, yet uniquely stylish.
  • When I discovered there wasn’t much out there, I decided to fill in the gap. I did my research and found bold styles from specialty manufacturers.  
  • Our most popular styles back in 2006 were a classic chiffon turban with handcrafted vintage mulberry floral embellishments in different shades of neutrals and pinks as well as classic lace top caps with intricate embroidery- these were worn on top of a two piece hijab or as is.  Our fans loved these styles ! Over ten years later and they are still wearing them!
  • There were challenges: I was fresh out of college, and a newly blessed mother doing it all on my own. However, my passion to offer neck scarves, hijabs, turbans, head-wraps, while delivering boldly exciting patterns, colors and styles drove me to finally establish Modestia Collection and I’ve never looked back.
  • Our Scarves, head wraps, hijabs, and turbans are more than stylish and exciting, my ongoing research into fabrics promises to bring the best in innovation, quality, utility, versatility and comfort.